Over it yet Philly?

What a day March 12th was for the Thrashers. Overcoming a 3-0 deficit in the third period to come back and win 5-4 in overtime.  Will it be the same this time around in Philly? Doubtful, but you never know what this guys might just pull out. One thing’s for sure. Don’t expect the Flyers to take this team lightly.

Miracle. Luck. Down right team power. Call it what you will, but what Atlanta did that day was nothing short of amazing and has probably left a bitter taste in the mouths of the Flyers for 19 days now. In that game you saw both Ondrej Pavelec and Chris Mason. You saw an odd hero in Ron Hainsey. It was one for the ages. Don’t expect that type game to be seen again tonight.  Expect Philadelphia to be on a mission to embarrass Atlanta. Expect revenge at home. The Flyers have to be careful at how they play, however. Yes, they’re locked into the playoffs, but can still lose that #1 seed in the conference.

In the last ten games, Philly has been 5-1-4.  As for your Thrashers, they’ve gone 5-4-1. Pretty even for the two during this particular stretch, so who has the advantage coming into this game? Again, expect the Flyers to come out swinging, hoping to retaliate from that March 12th game. On the other hand, expect the Thrashers to do the same. They have nothing to lose at this point. Playoff hopes are gone(not mathematically, just realistically). So what do you do? You start your 2011-2012 season a little early. Mix the lines up, see what some of these younger guys have, and look for chemistry.

In my own opinion, it would be awesome to see Byfuglien move to forward for the remaining six games. I know that probably won’t happen, but if you’ve watched a recent game against Vancouver, you saw Buff as a forward on the power play. What will Ramsay do? Who knows. You can never guess that guy’s moves will be like. Everyone has their opinion about the coach and I will not hesitate to share mine.  Craig Ramsay is not fit to be a head coach.  It’s great that he got the opportunity to hold that position, but I think that he needs to go back to being an assistant. He made himself look like a genius for the first half of the season, then plummeted in the second. The rest of the NHL caught onto his game and style of play, quickly learning how to defend it. Ramsay had no counter move.  Of course, I can’t blame it all on just him. There are other coaches. But in my eyes, it’d be a great chance to give John Torchetti a shot. He was a great addition to the 2010 Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks and I think this is the right place for him to stat a head coaching career. But only time will tell what happens with everything regarding this team, including the coaching staff. One things for certain, business starts tonight in Philly. Go Thrashers!

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