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In regulation baby!

Not just a win, but a shut out. Chris Mason’s first shut out as an Atlanta Thrasher. With just 22 shots against 43, Chris Mason stopped all 43 shots and brought the Atlanta Thrashers to the win…In regulation, for only the second time since I can’t remember when.

To say this win was a miracle is a true understatement. With 7 Power Plays and no power play goals, we were lucky to get the oly goal of the evening, scored by Nik Antropov’s skate, luckily,upon review, NOT in a kicking motion.

The Atlanta Thrashers whom, before tonight were “one point from being mathematically eliminated,” held on and held on tight tonight.

Our next game is against the Boston Bruins on Saturday.  We will then head to Nashville and then to visit the NY Rangers before heading back home.

Friday, April 8th, the Atlanta Thrashers host an electronics drive at Philips starting at 3pm. (and the Carolina Hurricanes)

Saturday, April 9th is the GA hockey day.

Sunday, April 10th is the final game of the season against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I don’t think this will be a pretty one.

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