Do You Believe In Miracles?



Today’s match up is covered here by the one and only TJ. But there is a lot more riding on this weekend in addition to the need for a win.

As most of Atlanta heads into Spring Break, will the Atlanta Thrashers be heading there as well or will we still be riding the miracle road to the playoffs? Let’s see what happens:

Tonight at 7pm the Maple Leafs will match up with the Senators. While the Senators are officially out of the playoffs, Toronto currently sits in 10th place, snugly blocking our path to that coveted 8th slot. Toronto is sitting pretty at the moment, coming off their most recent wins against both our challengers today, the Boston Bruins and the currently 7th slot rulers, the Buffalo Sabres. Speaking of, the Sabres will be squaring off in Washington against the Capitals. Ryan Miller, the Sabres goalie who was injured in the recent game against Toronto, did practice on Friday, but is currently questionable in the start tonight. If the Sabres so much as get into overtime, winning or not, we are are officially knocked out of the playoff race.
Also at 7pm the Carolina Hurricanes will be in New York, playing the Islanders.

The Atlanta Thrashers are currently 6 points behind the Hurricanes, 4 points behind the Maple Leafs. These two teams are obstacles in our path and we need them to lose so that we can gain those valuable points on them in order to topple the last spot in the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Hurricanes will also be playing on Sunday and, no matter how badly we need them to lose, Sunday they will be hosting the Sabres. The Sabres absolutely cannot rack up a point this weekend…or we are out.

It should be an exciting time in the NHL this weekend!

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