Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup


I figured, since we can’t play for it now, we can at least write about it! Here are some interesting facts and notes about the history of Hockey’s Holy Grail.

Named after Right Honourable Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Baron Stanley of Preston, in the County of Lancaster, in the Peerage of Great Britain, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, aka Lord Stanley, the Stanley Cup is the most coveted prize in hockey today.

In 1892-1893, a rose bowl, purchased for $48.67, was awarded to the champion of the winter battle. In 1894, it began getting engraved with the first winner: The Montreal Amateur Athletic Association.

This is the oldest trophy in professional sports history in North America. Currently weighing 34.5 lbs and standing 35.25 inches, growing 27.97 inches since the first year.

Jean Beliveau has his name on the cup more than anyone else, 10 times as a player and 7 as a manager. Henri Richard has the most wins as a player with 11.

Most traveled championship trophy in the world.

1 of two trophies that is not “re-built” year after year.

The only trophy that has all players and managers names engraved on it.

After the NY Rangers had The Cup in 1995, The NHL decided the need for a “keeper” of The Cup. Mike Bolt, Walt Neubrand, Phil Pritchard are the current keepers of The Cup.

The cup holds 14 cans of beer.

Ted Lindsey of the 1950 Detroit Red Wings was the first captain, after winning the Stanley Cup to hoist it overhead and skate it around on the ice creating the now tradition. Only time this tradition was breached was in 2001 when Joe Sakic instead of hoisting and skaking with the cup, handed it to Ray Bourque to make the trip. It was Ray Bourque’s last season and first Stanley Cup win.

The Cup first left North America in 1996 when Forsberg took it home with him to Sweden.

Has been a White House guest of Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barak Obama.

Visited the wounded soldiers at Camp Lejeune with the Carolina Hurricanes win in 2006.

Has been flown to the top of Mount Albert.

The Cup has been in the Space Shuttle.

The Cup has been to Afghanistan.

The Cup has been to the Eifel Tower.

Since 1995 The Cup is no longer allowed in casinos and strip joints.

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