When the eyes of the world are watching, the Atlanta Thrashers sure know how to shine. I hope all 5 of those ‘interested parties’ were watching tonight and are hungry to have a piece of this franchise.

I can’t recall a game in which both teams racked up less than 30 shots on goal, but tonight the Thrashers had only 26 shots, 3 of which counted and the Rangers had only 29 shots. Ondrej Pavelec notched up another shut out on his record and, well, the Atlanta Thrashers came to play.

I will never get tired of watching these boys when they come to play.

Rob Schremp started it out at 7:42 in the second. Welcome to the NHL Andrey Zubarov, finding Schremp to start the Thrashers lead. 15 seconds later, Andrew Ladd, celebrating his 400th game, scored his 28th goal for the season, bringing the Thrashers to a 2 goal lead.

Though Atlanta continued to get multiple penalties in the second, they were able to hold tight and continued to dominate through the third period. At 4:19 in the third, Eric Boulton secured a 3rd goal, bringing the Thrashers to a 3 goal lead that would eventually silence Madison Square Gardens, leaving them with one game to play in the regular season and only two points ahead of the Carolina Hurricanes who still have two games remaining.

I kind of like not having to worry about whether or not we are going to lose our spot for the playoffs…I will be comfortably sitting in my living room. We are going to be preparing ourselves for our NHL domination next season.

Here is the Rangers Blue Line Station and Carolina Hurricanes Cardiac Cane for two completely different emotions on the Thrashers win tonight.

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