Thrashers On National TV Tonight

The Atlanta Thrashers will appear on national television tonight for the first and only time this season as they take on the New York Rangers, On Versus.  A lot of Thrashers fans say, “Only one national game? Really?” But, I guess we’ll take what we can get. There’s nothing to lose at this point for the Thrashers, as they’ve recently been removed from the playoff hunt. But why not make it a little harder for the Rangers as they sit just two points ahead of the Carolina Hurricanes for the 8th and final playoff spot.

This past Sunday, Thrashers fan’s fears finally became reality. Once again, Atlanta was eliminated from playoff contention.  That was then followed by a beatdown in Music City, by the Predators. Can it get worse? Of course. Can it get better? Of course. Which route will Atlanta take? That’s to be seen. There’s obviously a lot of work that needs to be done between now and next season and there’s no better time to start that work than tonight. Nearing the past game against Nashville, the Thrashers began to fight. It was way too late, but did what they had to do and ended up getting three goals(two from Wheeler and one from Antropov), ending the game 6-3.

Tonight they face their last road game of the season against the “Blue Shirts.” I would love to say that I want the Thrashers to be spoilers to the Rangers’ playoff bid, but I can’t.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want the Thrashers to lose. I would just much rather see New York in the playoffs than Carolina. Maybe Atlanta can pull this “W” out tonight, then New York can win their remaining games, then Carolina can slump to the end.  It would just be a pity to see three southeast division teams in the playoffs and one of them not being Atlanta.

The Thrashers have taken two of three games from the Rangers this season and hopefully can pull off the series finale.  The last time Atlanta played as visitors to New York was back on October 27th, where they were able to run to victory, wining 6-4.  Boy has a lot changed since then and neither team is the same. It’ll be interesting to see who’s thrown in goal tonight. Neither Mason, nor Pavelec have have proven much of late, aside from Mason’s shutout in Philly.  No matter who is in, let’s just hope for a win. Again, you can catch the game tonight on Versus @ 7PM EST.

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