Mind Blowing FAIL


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Oh how I wish splashing water on our faces could have woken us up from this nightmare.

In what I can only describe as one of the worst ways to spend a Friday night, we watched the Atlanta Thrashers get less than 20 shots on goal against the Carolina Hurricanes. So many things just didn’t happen last night that the taste of bitter disappointment still lingers on my tongue as I write this now.

A few games into the past, Coach Ramsey hinted that he would be playing goalie swap each night. With nothing on the line, why not? Unfortunately, for some reason he decided against that yesterday. For the fans that drove all the way from Milwaukee, WI to see their favorite Chris Mason, they were sadly disappointed. For those of us thinking the first two goals within the first 10 minutes of the game was reason enough to put Mason in, after 6 goals and a (much respected) unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, we still did not see a goalie switch last night.

Maybe Ramsay’s already checked out. For a coach who doesn’t like the physical game, that is the only thing the Atlanta Thrashers were able to walk away with against the Carolina Hurricanes. After such a phenomenal performance in Madison Square Gardens just the night before, this one just hurt.

And it is hard not to be bitter with this loss (again) going to the Carolina Hurricanes. The same team that, in overtime, lasted longer and took away 8th just months ago. The same team that, unlike the Atlanta Thrashers, has brought youth, talent and a complete love for hockey into Carolina, while Atlanta continues to struggle to even have an ownership group that gives a flip. The same team we have already witnessed winning the Stanley Cup, now possibly marching that same street again this year.

We, as usual, racked up more penalties than the other team with Dustin Byfuglien even walking away with a game misconduct in the end. Quite honestly, he should have just decked the Ref and made all the fans jump for joy. It was, overall, just a bad game.

In the words of my fellow Fansided writer who knows just too well how this feels, Mary O’Malley of Fire That Cannon says it perfectly, “Look, if you have a dog you know how this feels. You love the dog. You know he’s been licking his balls all day but you still let him give you dog kisses and gladly accept them.”

And, even with last night being Opening Day in Atlanta Braves Country, the Atlanta Thrashers still had 14,562 in attendance. Says a lot for a team that doesn’t have the ‘fan support’ needed to keep them around…again, I hope those ‘interested parties’ stay interested and act fast. We would love the opportunity to give real owners our money.

Tomorrow we play the Penguins. We pick back up and we battle again. After that, we start the preparations for next season. Next season things will be different. We are a team on the rebuild and rebuild we will. Games like this one won’t happen…next season.

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