It's Over



The season, though rocky at times, has officially ended. The Atlanta Thrashers did not go out with the bang we were hoping for, but, alas, it was rather expected.

For a vast majority of the Metro Atlanta commute, today saw the beginning of the end of something beautiful. For the teachers and students enjoying sleeping in and late nights, that all came to an abrupt halt this morning as well…

After months of learning, training, trial testing and guidelines on what to do once Spring Break was over, the time has finally come for..(drum roll) CRCT testing (insert screaming parents here). Thankfully, this year Cobb County gave the kids one day to return to school before drowning them in the anxiety inducing, 2 hour a day, schedule wrecking testing that all counties drive their children to ace throughout the school year.

Today I picked my 3rd grader and her BFF (like OMG) up from dance after school. The first words out of my little angel’s mouth were, ‘Guess who came to school today Mommy?’ In my traffic mind numbing stupor, I looked at the two girls without even an inkling of energy to guess. ‘Honey, I have no idea,’ I said. “THRASH” the girls said in unison. Refusing to believe them, which apparently is exactly what my hubby was doing as my son told him the same thing, the girls proceeded to, in detail, describe the little birdie who apparently has a little bit of knowledge about CRCT testing himself. And he had a whole school of kids hanging onto his every last peck as he pecked away the Do’s and Don’ts to a successful CRCT.

There are no tricks I could have pulled, no snacks I could have packed and no ‘tests’ I could have run. Having Thrash there to encourage and inspire that school today was the best thing my kids ever could have experienced.

Right now my daughter is sound asleep, not a trace of anxiety keeping her awake, making her toss and turn. Tomorrow she will wake up, completely charged and ready to nail this thing (and for 3rd graders that is HUGE because tomorrow is Reading – the only one required a ‘Pass’ to make it to the 4th grade). And there is nothing her Daddy or I could have done to make her more ready and confident for this test. All she needed was a ole bird who is pretty darn good at getting kids pumped up!

Thanks Thrash!

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