7th Man Award Winner


Each year, the Atlanta Thrashers award one special fan with the honor of winning the 7th Man Award.  Every fan is given the chance to write a letter, explaining why they are the true Blueland ultimate fan. This year, that award was given to Mr. Fred Johnson. You may not know him by looking at him, but I’m sure you’ve seen his spectacular pictures  taken at games during the season.

Fred would post his top ten pictures from each game on the Thrashers message boards for all fans to see. Besides just taking the wonderful pictures,  he shares his knowledge of photography with others, prints to be signed for fans, and even his equipment for aspiring photographers. It’s amazing what he does for the other around him to make the game more enjoyable and has made amazing memories with his pictures that will be looked at for years to come. Here are some of his special moments captured, some of which you may have seen before. Thank you Fred!

Well known. Thank you Mr. Cooke for volunteering your face



Too Late Vokoun...

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