Post Season Blues

It’s a pretty rough day in the big ATL. For those of us whose teams have already completed their exit interviews, some moving forward with World Hockey, some just settling for a little down time…the fans are eagerly watching (at least we are) all the games, interested to see who is going to play 110% and make it all the way? Last year we had the amazing 8th place Eastern Conference Philadelphia Flyers show more perseverance and determination than anyone; continually coming from behind in a rally that would eventually take them to the final round against the Chicago Blackhawks.

And here now, we have the Chicago Blackhawks, 8th place in the Western Conference. The team that took the Vancouver Canucks out of the race last season. To start the Stanley Cup Playoffs this season, we don’t even have to wait to see the re-match between these two teams. With the 1st-8th match up, the action starts right from the beginning.

With just the first few games underway, the matchups are already incredible; 2 overtimes in just the first games and an incredible display of goaltending, this Stamley Cup Playoff is leaving the whole family gobbling up each and every game.

While it is too early for us to have our final picks, it is fun to guess who might end up in the final match. And it seems as though Thrasher Backer is the only ones sitting it out and pondering these days. The Ottawa Senators Sen Shots has a little contest going over there (a day late to enter, but should be fun to see who wins…) There are a few good selections over there.

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