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Recently I re-connected with a dear old friend of mine from a few years back. He remembered that I was an Atlanta Thrashers ADDICT and had to share with me his story.

Back in 2010, as he was staring to really get into hockey, he realized that he does not have an NHL team that he was a fan of. The more he thought about it he thought, “I’m a big fan of the Red Sox and Patriots, so should i root for the Bruins?”

Followed up with, “although, I’m from Northern California, and my little brother is a huge Sharks fan. Should i root for them?”

Finishing with, “but now i live in Philly… should i root for the Flyers?”

As luck would have it, when he turned on the TV, it was the Flyers that were easiest to follow (yeah, he didn’t have too much to say to me this season).

Then, as he put it (and I have to agree) “they had their magical run to the Stanley Cup, where they rode on the back of their third string goalie. And I found myself screaming at the TV during their games!”

And then he realized one night, “I guess I am a Flyers fan”

It appears as though, within this very FanSided network, other sports fanactics have recently started pondering the same thing…wondering, in finding the amazing energy within the NHL, what team should they follow? Who has the most to offer an new fan wanting to learn the experience that is hockey?

I have my team and I know why my boys are the best…but now I would like to ask you, the fans…who should he pick?

The Chicago Blackhawks (WOW) made a statement last night, they will NOT go gentle into that good night…there are 15 other teams right now battling for the cup. The Canucks have such an amazing duo on their team that does nothing short of inspire me. The LA Kings, San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks all came to represent while the Nashville Predators try to be the dominating “3rd wheel”. The Rangers are trying to make history again and the Flyers are making it just as intense as last year, paired up with the Sabres this time around. The Capitals and the Lightning are battling to bring the Cup back to the Southeast while the Penguins try to add their names to another row on the cup. Boston and Montreal who are Notorious for their rough housing are at again and while the Red Wings ARE hockey history, my heart bleeds for the Phoenix Coyotes, in such a similar circumstance as the Atlanta Thrashers, only hoping they get that moment of glory before it is too late.

And these are only the teams currently IN the playoffs.

There are so many more to choose from! Who do you think he should pick?

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