Time Machine: Part 2


So as we’re reminiscing on the good times our Thrashers had this season, I began to think. Why did I pick to recap the Florida game first? There was one that had much more intensity and adrenaline. Anyone remember March 12th, 2011? I know I do, along with the rest of Blueland…….and Philadelphia.

What a day. That Saturday night, I remember, I was out running around, getting groceries and what not. I have the ESPN app on my phone to keep me updated on scores when I’m unable to watch games on TV. At one point, I got a message on my phone showing that Philly had just taken a 3-0 lead in the 2nd period. I though to myself, “Are you kidding me? Thank God I’m not wasting my time at home watching this one.” Eventually, I’d get back home and turn the TV on to see that the game was in the 2nd intermission. Hey, I had nothing better to do.

So I’m sitting, watching the 3rd period and watching the time tick down. Obviously I’m going to witness another Thrasher beatdown, right? Never would I have thought I’d witness a “miracle on ice.” With just over a minute taken off the clock in the 3rd, Evander Kane or B.G.O.I.S(Black God On Ice Skates) as my girlfriend would call him netted one to knock the deficit down to two. Well, the time kept passing an nothing else was getting past Sergei Bobrovsky. Finally, about ten minutes later, young defenseman Zach Bogosian was able to lead the Thrashers in the right direction, leaving them only one goal away from tying the game. That hope and enjoyment was quickly shot down, because one minute later, Leino would steal our thunder and that gave the Flyers a 4-2 lead.

That’s it, right? There’s 7 minutes left. Atlanta is two goals down against the best team in the Eastern conference and to be honest, this team has had nothing to show in 2011, for the most post. All of those are very valid points, but they just didn’t seem to matter that night. With three minutes left in regulation, the Thrashers were able to get both of those goals. How? Luck or hard work and dedication? I’ll go with a combo of both, but nonetheless, it happened. Both Enstrom and captain Ladd help the entire team stun everyone, even themselves.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this even brought tears to some Philly fanatics. Heck, I even jumped up and punched the ceiling(on accident, of course).

After all that excitement, one thing was certain. The game wasn’t over yet. You’ve tied the game guys. Your work isn’t dont just yet. That was quickly acknowledged and it was pretty obvious the Thrashers were ready to get off that ice and leave with a smile on their faces. Only 1:17 into overtime, Ron Hainsey said enough is enough and scored the game winner for Atlanta. This capped off an amazing comeback for the Thrashers and really showed the heart of the entire team.  This is a prime example of why you never give up.


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