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Image: Petr David Josek

I used to think that the Atlanta Thrashers would be set with Steven Stamkos…until Jeff Skinner moved into the NHL. As the youngest player to play in the NHL this season, Skinner also would end up, in his rookie season as the youngest All Star at the All Star Game, the 3rd youngest player in NHL history to score a shoot out goal and a Rookie of the year finalist. If this boy isn’t selected, I will be extremely shocked.

And now, with the World Championships taking place, what is Jeff Skinner doing? Wowing people all over again, that is what. The kid is amazing! In their latest win, Skinner racked up two goals and 1 assist for Team Canada against France. As if the actual hockey ability wasn’t enough, here is Skinner quoted from Paul Romanuk earlier, “”We’ve been together a couple of weeks now and we’ve been developing some chemistry,” said Skinner. “In a game like this, it’s a good time to develop good habits and to figure out where everyone fits in on the ice. We also talk a lot on the bench and that’s a good time to figure things out.”


image: Jukka Rautio

Team USA keeps it going, coming from behind against Norway. Atlanta Thrashers, Tim Stapleton picked up a point with the assist in the game tying goal. In a game where, Thrashers fans are way too familiar, the Americans just ‘couldn’t get things rolling’. Not until the 3rd period when things finally started lining up. After out-shooting the Norwegians 49-15, the Americans finally came back to win it 3-2.

Unfortunately, in other World Championship news, another Thrasher, Arturs Kuldas, has been suspended 3 games for this hit.

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