So many people have different thoughts on the current logo of your Atlanta Thrashers. Some like it. Others think it looks like he’s stirring himself in a bowl of soup. I won’t give my personal opinion on it, but I’d like to see what the rest of you can come up with.

This is for the artistic bunch out there in Blueland. Simply create a new logo for the Thrashers. Of course, this is all in fun and will have no effect on the club at all. But, once all submissions have been reviewed, one person will be receiving one of these…

This is a 3D logo made by the Memory Company and usually retails at about $30. But, create the best logo submitted to Thrasher Backer and it’s yours for free. This contest will be open until next Friday, the 13th(scary) at noon. So let’s see what everyone can come up with. I may try to come up with one just for giggles. Let the game begin!

Please submit all created logos to [email protected]

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