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On a completely personal level, I am beyond tired of all the vultures circling over our heads, the coyotes standing in the shadows drowning on their own drool and the constant stories spinning about this Balken. When there is something real to report, I will be eager to do so. And I can promise all Thrasher Fans, I want this chapter taken care of as much as everyone…I just can’t handle any more of this ‘speculation’, ‘hush hush’ discussions and constant hopes rising just to see the same old results…no one knows what is going to happen to the Atlanta Thrashers.


So, on to other things….

We have a lot of unrestricted Free Agents coming up in July. And we obviously need to switch up our current roster, at least a little bit. I have been ‘shopping’ a little and, I think there is a lot of potential out there for the Atlanta Thrashers. With a lot of money in “savings”, there are quite a few people we could aquire if money were not an issue. Ironically, all but one of my top 4 choices is currently playing…oops, scratch that, half of my Top 4 are currently playing for teams in the playoffs.


Let’s first discuss Brad Richards. Currently playing for the Dallas Stars and currently ‘hesitant’ to remain a Star, partially due to a (shocking) very similiar issue the Atlanta Thrasher organization is going through but partially also because he is uncertain the Dallas Stars have what it takes to make it to the playoffs (follow me here before heading down THAT road). The Dallas Stars have just fired their head coach Marc Crawford, currently looking for a replacement so technically, even with new ownership, there wills till be a little coach adjustment to work through as well, which, for a man intent on winning, could possibly be a reason not to stick around…maybe.

There has been a lot of talk about Tampa Bay and, yeah, pretty much anyone would consider that a nice move for their career. Tampa is looking solid for the first time in a while, also now kicking the Washington Capitals out of the game. I wouldn’t blame anyone if they wanted to head back to Tampa and at this point, really what DO the Atlanta Thrashers have to offer?

Definite ice time. We are hurting for a center as well as a top goal scorer. Now, I know Richards has not had a 30 goal season yet, but he has come close and having Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglien and Brad Richards could really increase our total goals scored – easy (not to mention other potential additions added to the roster).

Opportunity. No one can deny that this season saw an amazing transformation in the Atlanta Thrashers organization and, walking away from a pretty horrid ending, not one of those guys has mentioned wanting to leave. The Atlanta Thrashers are on the verge of something truly amazing and, with the right ownership, can make hockey history. Anyone who really is looking past the money and looking more for opportunity, I would truly think would have to stop for a moment and consider Atlanta.

Now, being honest, I have no idea what Duds is planning on doing. We still have almost two months before contracts even expire. But Richards on the Atlanta roster, to me, is almost as sweet as Danny Briere…

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