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While the city is abuzz with more speculation and ‘ponderings’ about the fate of Phoenix, I thought I would go ahead and use this opportunity to do my weekly update on my son’s future in the NHL.

Sunday was the 3rd class. This time there were a few new drills. One corner of the ice was sectioned off with bumpers and a goal for the first drill. The kids had to skate around tires and score. There was one offensive player against one defensive player. The second station was set up for one child to hang onto two hockey sticks, 1 under each arm. While he was skating across the ice, another child would be hanging onto the sticks. The first time around the kid is standing behind the front guy, second time he is kneeling and finally, the third time, he is laying down…though I tend to have to drag my kids around sometimes, this did look quite intense with the wee ones!

The third drill was concentrating on using the boyd as a defensive tool. I found this exercise extremely interesting! The kids would have to hold their hands in front of them. The first drillw as holding it up near their chest and the kid behind would have to try to get in front of the other kid without using his hands. Once they (kind of) started getting the hang of it, they had to switch and hold their hands down in front of their knees. This gave them the opportunity to use their ‘hiney’ as their defensive tool. While the kids seemed to get the easy idea that if they just skated away, it would keep the other kid from getting in front of them, they did eventually figure out the challenge of the drill. Eventually, they all ended up knocking each other over and toppling on the ground as well. After they had accomplished what coach was looking for, they would then switch out holding their hands for holding a stick. This was getting the kids familiar with using the stick in front of them to get the puck.
I personally learned a lot during this drill and saw how this drill can be displayed in the NHL today.

The final drills were the tires. The tires were the ones that, jsut a few weeks ago, completely wore out the kids, leaving them all laying across them and flat out giving up. This time around, not so. My son (as well as the other kids) had strength in their legs as they pushed the tire down the ice with their stick. After a few rounds, my son even accidentally dropped his stick on the other side of the barricade and, very nonchalantly, stepped over the barricade without even wobbling, grabbed is stick and, as the coach came to assist him, took off so the coach couldn’t reach the tire.

I think the tire drill is my absolute favorite of them all. This one really displays how the children are advancing on the ice. The stamina they are building and the strength. It is exciting to think, soon enough I might have a little hockey player on my hands. I am eager to see the results!

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