"Save The Thrashers" Decals

Months ago, when speculation began once again that the Thrashers would be relocating, I was thinking of ways I could personally help bring attention to our cause. We continue to sit on pins and needles while our ownership issue remains to be solved. It’s been a very hard year, and the hardest 24-48 hours I’ve ever had as a fan. We still do not know what will happen to our team and to be honest, our chances of seeing this team in this city again are dimming everyday. I created these window decals and had been selling them at games to anyone who wanted to display them.  Well now, when we need attention and a savior the most, I’m giving these away. I can’t say this was a cheap purchase on my end, but again, I’m trying to do what I can on my end. So if anyone would like one of these, please send me an email at [email protected] I do have to limit 1 per person, just due to the amount of these I have left.  If you would like to leave any donation, it would be appreciated, but do not feel obligated to do so. The email address listed is the same for my Paypal account. Thank you all for your support and let’s continue to do anything we can to keep this team here!

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