We Have To Fight!


We will not go gentle into that good night!

This is for all Sports Fans! The Atlanta Thrashers need your help in a most seriously dire way. The Atlanta Spirit Group is now actively negotiating with True North for the sale of our NHL team.

Our plea to you, the people of Atlanta, the sports fans, the diehard hockey fans. The transplanted who wait eagerly each year for those limited opportunities to see their childhood team take the ice against the Thrashers. THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE to save Ice Hockey in Atlanta. We need to step up now. We need to fight back!

Due to poor ownership, the Atlanta Thrashers are in dire need of the whole city’s support in order to keep them here.  After only 12 short years, The Atlanta Spirit Group, who initially purchased the Atlanta Thrashers only because they came with the Atlanta Hawks, are actively doing everything they can to “get rid” of the Atlanta Thrashers. As a neglected half of their business, the Atlanta Thrashers’ business has gradually declined since the Atlanta Spirit Group purchased the team in 2003. Now, after suing business partners and showing the entire fan base that they have basically been trying to sell this team since they obtained it, the Atlanta Spirit Group has spent the better half of the 2010-2011 season doing everything possible to release themselves of the NHL team that calls Atlanta home. Instead of lowering ticket prices to a reasonable price, bringing in entertainment to embrace the fans and making each hockey game that much more of an “experience”, the Atlanta Spriti Group has done everything possible to eliminate as much excitement for the team as possible. Blocking out the 400 sections to ensure all tickets purchased are more expensive, getting rid of almost all fan interaction and turning off the wall of TVs are just some examples of how the Atlanta Spirit Group has been ‘checking out” for years.

The loss of one of our Major League Sports teams could be detrimental to our economy. I truly believe that, under an ownership that cares about hockey and understands how to run a Major League Sports team, that the Atlanta Thrashers can be a huge asset to our city. Just in the short time they have been in Atlanta, despite the poor ownership decisions that have taken place, the youth hockey in the area has grown larger than ever. The team is active in the community and, not only do they take their time to volunteer for a variety of organizations, but they also make a point of supporting local businesses and establishments as wellIn a market where we are already losing jobs, this will bring even more job losses. What does this say about our city? We give up when the going gets tough?

Is our Mayor willing to back the people? What about our Governor? Can we the people make the change we want to see in our city? All we can do is try. At least that way we can say we did…we tried to keep the NHL in Atlanta. Hockey has had a bad rep in this city, but I truly believe, after all is said and done, it is because of the Ownership and their inability to actively OWN the team. Let’s let our voices be heard! To the Commissioner, to the media, anyone who will listen, now is the time!

Send letters/ emails! Call! Let your voice be heard!

For Mayor Kasim Reed’s office:

[email protected]

Phone: 404-330-6100/ Fax: 404-658-6893

City of Atlanta

55 Trinity Ave

Atlanta, GA  30303

City of Atlanta’s Chief of Staff:

Candace L Byrd via her assistant Donna Dobbs

[email protected]

Phone: 404-330-6559

President of Metro Atlanta’s Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Sam A Williams

[email protected]

The NHL Commissioner:

Gary Bettman

[email protected]

1185 Avenue of the Americas

12th Floor

New York, NY  10020

Phone: 212-789-2000/ Fax: 212-789-2020

Governor Nathan Deal:



Governor’s Mansion – 404-261-1776

Keep the Thrashers


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