Cross Ice

Good afternoon! I’m Kaya, Campbell Rachel Campbell’s daughter reporting live about my brother, Tao Campbell and his interesting news about cross ice. Sunday May 15th, 2011 he did his 4th week in cross ice. In cross ice he does a certain amount of stations for a certain amount of time. He also gets very exhausted and sweaty. Some stations are long and some are short. His coaches are very nice and his head coach has a whistle to let the kids know when to switch to a different station. There are different teams (different colors) and he is Team Gray. If you don’t know hockey players have a lot of equipment. There equipment is pads pads pads and skates and stuff like that. Well that’s all until I talk to you next time I have something to write about. Goodnight and have a great day tomorrow.     – Kaya (Rachel Campbell’s daughter)

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