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I was always raised to follow my dreams. To never give up when everyone around me is saying “No chance”. We aren’t trying to be something else. We aren’t trying to be at any sort of level as Canadians. Our ponds don’t ice in the winter time, they turn brown. Everything stops when there is ice on the ground. That doesn’t make us shy away from the ice rink…

When Sid Bream ran home in the bottom of the 9th, with the whole city trying to push his weak knees across home plate, the whole city celebrated. When the Atlanta Braves didn’t come home with the World Series Championship until 3 years later, we still celebrated! We stood with pride as our worst to first status turned to the ‘envy’ of the rest of baseball fans country wide while, for over a decade, we almost won.

Falcons fans across the state flocked to the GA dome, year after year, and when we finally made it to the Super Bowl, we lost. We stood proud and strong. When Arthur Blank bought the team, we relished in the luxury of having an owner who stood on the field encouraging his team and ultimately bringing them to the best record in the NFL only to watch them lose.

When the Atlanta Thrashers hosted the All Star Game, Atlanta strutted its stuff and showed what we had to offer. When we made it to the playoffs for the first (and only) time, we celebrated like we had never had a party before. We are some of the first people to speak our mind and we are always going to defend our teams.

The Atlanta Hawks just lost to one of the best teams in the NBA. We stand proud and strong, amazed that our brothers in this “ownership” battle could tough it out so long walking through the shambles of Philips arena every day.

When our ownership slaps us in the face, making a mockery out of team spirit and pride. Making laughing stocks out of our organization with the constant dramatics that cannot be controlled behind closed doors. Making signs in interviews begging people to buy the team, yet holding out for the highest bidder. Constantly dodging questions, avoiding honesty, only to see they have been lying since day one…these fans bought more tickets. Atlanta Thrasher fans stuck it out through every last one of those games, no matter what the end score was. Despite all the childish displays provided by our ownership to continually knock us and try to kick us out, we stood tall and we stood proud. We never gave up on our team.

Before the Atlanta Spirit Group purchased the Atlanta Thrashers, as part of a deal to get their hands on the Atlanta Hawks, the Thrashers DID sell out Philips Arena. There has always been a fan base here. There has always been the loyal, the die-hard and the true. Despite the constant abuse, we have always come back for more.

People, for months, have been knocking the city of Atlanta, knocking the fans, telling us we could never be what you are. We are not trying to be. We are who we are. We are proud of who we are and would never ask to be anything else. And here are a ton of examples of just how much the Atlanta Thrashers mean to us in OUR town. If you want our team, it is understandable. Just as understandable as it is for us to want them to stay here forever. But don’t think you know our fans.

Don’t think you can say we don’t care. Don’t say we gave up on our team.

That just is not true.

We have been fighting for months: KEEP THE THRASHERS

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