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From the AJC yesterday:

Thrashers are metro asset; owners are not

The Atlanta Spirit’s lack of stewardship is about to cause Atlanta to get another black eye if we lose the Thrashers.

I grew up in Atlanta, and was lucky enough to get turned on to ice hockey when the Flames were here. When my oldest son was 10, he said he wanted to play hockey. He now plays for the University of Alabama. My other son plays high school and travel hockey. Youth hockey is thriving in the Atlanta area. Thrashers games are the best bang for the buck in Atlanta. I recently watched the San Jose Sharks beat the Detroit Red Wings, and wished the Thrashers could get to that point to show our city the passion of this sport. The players fight like heck throughout the game, but shake hands when a series ends. Violence in ice hockey is surpassed by the sportsmanship.

Wake up, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Don’t take another team away from Atlanta; just take it away from the rich spoiled brats (the Atlanta Spirit), who thought it was cool to own two teams, and then turn their backs on them.

Brett French, Marietta

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