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Suddenly, crashing out on the sofa while the Lightning do a terrible job of coming back at home, I see the Thrashers logo up on the TV. An “announcement” of sorts. It seems like someone out there might be a little scared of a fan gathering? Right on par, The Spirit Group has dropped another “message”, similar to the “message” sent out when the Thrashers were riding high, looking like they just might go somewhere this year.

DON’T LISTEN Thrasherville.

There is a Tailgate planned and we all need to be there. We need to show the NHL that we ARE here no matter what the Group tries to say or do. If an announcement is going to be made, let it. But don’t let those boys in blue think for a second that they are unwanted in this town.

From the Atlanta Thrashers Fan Site
Thrashers Fans Tailgate
Saturday May 21, 2011
12:00-4:00 PM
“Gulch” Parking Lot

Thrashers fan Jimmy Parks has organized a tailgate for this
Saturday’s Select A Seat Event for all fans to attend.

This is not a rally but a gathering of fans to come together in support of the Atlanta Thrashers and hang out with fellow Thrashers fans.

From Mr. Parks:

Come out to support our ATLANTA Thrashers! They are our team and they MUST remain in Atlanta. There will be general tailgating activites of food, beer, music and goofy games. I expect to see many “Save Our Thrashers!” type of signs. Let’s keep them mostly clean, lol

Wear your team clothing and bring your signs for pictures. Bring your cameras and phones. During the final hour we will get everyone assembled for a group photo. Photos go to Gary Bettman, the AJC, on facebook, etc, for all to see that we love our team!

It is very important to show visible (and vocal) support for the Thrashers, so really try be there, at least for the last hour!

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