The "Letter"

I must be special, right? By golly, Mr. Bettman actually took time out of his busy day to respond to my heartfelt email from last week.

Give me a  break. I’m not quite sure why I even bothered to read this message. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t expect anything back in return from what I sent in, so I guess I’m grateful that I got anything. I first reported this email on the Thrashers official message board yesterday and according to the first few responses, I seemed to be the only one that had received it. Seeing that it was an auto-response, I was almost positive this was just the beginning. Sure enough, just a little while later, this letter went mainstream and was sent to all of us Thrashers fans who actually took the time out of our day to give Mr. Bettman a piece of our mind.

We don’t want your auto-responses, sir. We want you to speak with us face to face. Quit hiding behind the curtain of denial and give us fans what we deserve. I’m quite sure he knows, more than anyone, that this whole situation can’t be blamed on our fan base(Thank you Mr. Cink). ASG has driven this franchise into the ground, with Canada possibly being the only escape. Planned? Absolutely. From responses by the current owners, it’s pretty clear they have no intentions or hopes of keeping the team here. As fans, however, we still have to do whatever we can to show that this city deserves the chance in the hands of a owner(s) who actually cares about this team and this sport.

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