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So why not talk about more trophies?

The Frank J Selke Trophy goes to the Forward who is best in the defensive aspects of the game. Named after the former general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadians, the 5th and last major NHL award to be introduced. This year’s nominees are:


Pavel Datsyuk
Goals: 23
Assists: 36
Points: 59

Ryan Kesler
Goals: 41
Assists: 32
Points: 73

Jonathan Toews
Goals: 32
Assists: 44
Points 76

Bob Gainey of the Montreal Canadians was the first recipient of the Frank J Selke award.

Jack Adams Award

The Jack Adams Award goes to the NHL Coach who has contributed the most to his team’s success. I will be very honest here, before I even name the nominees, Guy Boucher, was crazily absent from the top three on this list. I can’t think of anyone who has turned their team around like Boucher has so far this season, and for that, it only displays how much the final three nominees must truly mean to their teams.

Dan Bylsma
Record: 49-25-8
Points: 106

Barry Trotz
Record: 44-27-11
Points: 99

Alain Vigneault
Record: 54-19-9
Points: 117
And still in the playoffs

The award was presented to honor the late Jack Adams, former coach and manager of the Detroit Red Wings. His lifetime dedication to hockey has been an inspiration to all.

Ted Lindsay Award


This award is awarded to the most outstanding player. Honoring Hall of Famer Ted Lindsay, known for his raw talent and for establishing the original Player’s Association. Wayne Gretzky has won 5 times and the Pittsburgh Penguins have won more times than any other team with 7 wins.

This year’s nominees are:

Corey Perry
Goals: 50
Assists: 48
Points: 98

Daniel Sedin
Goals: 42
Assists: 63
Points: 104

Steven Stamkos
Goals: 45
Assists: 46
Points: 91

This is often considered the companion trophy to the Hart Memorial Trophy with 13 players winning both trophies for the same season. The Hart Memorial Trophy is awarded to the player considered to be the most valuable to their team. The original Hart Trophy was donated to the NHL in 1923 by David A Hart, father of Cecil Hart, former manager-coach of the Montreal Canadians. This year’s nominees are:
Corey Perry
Goals: 50
Assists: 48

Points: 98

Daniel Sedin
Goals: 41
Assists: 63
Points: 104
St Louis

Martin St. Louis
Goals: 31
Assists: 68
Points: 99

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