Carrying On


This week at Cross Ice, the kids started of with similar drills to last week. Starting to show some balance on the “tug of war’. It seemed as though there was a slightly different air in the rink this Sunday though. You could hear parents talking amongst each other about the most recent ‘news’ and the kids seemed to have an almost saddened feel to their drills.

I have to admit, my son’s biggest influences are the moments he has experienced with the Thrashers. Eric Boulton tossing a practice puck over the glass, players tapping the glass during practice when they skate past the kids, making the kids squeal with glee. Thrash…well Thrash has been just Thrash.

These are the moments hockey dreams are made from. These are the moments that drive my little man to get back up on the ice every time.

The stick battle wasn’t really doing too hot. T kept finding himself on the ice no matter what he tried. Thankfully, the energy started to pick up once he moved to the next station and deviously skated off with his instructor’s stick, half way across the ice before his instructor looked around wondering where his stick went. And so began the next round of “tag” I loved watching all the different ways they collide into each other on the ice. I can definitely tell they all prefer to be the one tagging instead of the one getting tagged.

On to the shooting skills. Around the tire one time, then the next, grab the puck, shoot and score. This was an interesting drill as each time the children had to change their starting position. First they were on their feet, then their bellies, then their backs . After managing to jump up from belly/ back, they had to try their knees and finally they had to drop their sticks, pick them up then skate off and shoot. Especially with my little man, grabbing his stick on the ice has proven to be a huge challenge but he did pretty ok with it.

It’s amazing watching these little boys progress each week. They have a great coach who really knows how to work each of the kids. It is wonderful to sit there and enjoy the moment despite everything going on off the rink right now.

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