I think the part that TRULY gets to the hearts of the Atlanta Thrasher fans is that, this market has already been here and done the exact same thing. For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of Canada. Canadians always being looked at as our northern neighbors. It was a pair of wonderful Canadians who I trusted to drop me into my first pit, at over 130′ ft, I felt as though I was really in good hands.

But in Winnipeg, wow! You have truly changed my mind. We have been watching you, every time the rumor mill sparks up, circling each franchise as a weakness is shown. Each time, you drool with more saliva spilling out around the NHL. Never strong enough to fight and convince the NHL to open the doors for an expansion team. Instead, feeling as though you were treated unfairly, you have just sat and waited for the moment you would “get yours” and find a way to have someone else’s team placed gently back at your feet.

We know in Atlanta who is most responsible for ATLANTA’S turmoil. After all, we have been the fans supporting this team for the last decade. We are the ones who have been kicked around, lied to and spit on. And the only ones who know it as well as us are the players and coaches who have done the same. We do not need reminders from Winnipeg Jets fans that you are not the ‘enemy’. You show us that with every comment you make, every website you log onto to leave a comment. To make message boards need to shut down the ability for people to post comments is not something to be proud of. Your newspapers have continually posted stories that have no merit or truth to them, not just in the last few weeks, but for months before. Desperately trying to make sure everyone has a piece of your ‘dream come true’, you so easily forget that just a short time ago, you were the ones in danger of losing your team. Your excitement at the idea that you finally may get your prize supersedes the reminder of how it felt. Instead you rub it in, you refuse to even allow us the opportunity to discuss between fans what it feels like to be in this place. To wake up every morning, still not knowing.

And worse, you are doing the same thing to a wonderful group of players, coaches and managers. A group that has been eager to build this team up to Stanley Cup quality. A team that had to play through this muck half of the season. For the people who have families and friends here in Atlanta, those who have established a real life for themselves outside of hockey in Atlanta. These guys sit exactly where we sit, still being treated in good old ASG fashion.

And, without even once thinking of the other man, you keep making your comments. When you see an article sharing the experience of our own little gathering, you can’t just walk by, you have to sign in and make your case. And we, the people of Thrasherville should be ok with the thought of you taking our family away from us? You have shown them such warmth so far…

I would think, in a world full of greed and despair, that people who have actually gone through a similar experience would actually have the decency to be real.



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