Muddy Waters

In the words of Little Big Town:

I feel no shame
I’m proud of where I came from
I was born and raised in the boondocks
One thing I know
No matter where I go
I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks

And I can feel
That muddy water running through my veins
And I can hear that lullaby of a midnight train
It sings to me and it sounds familiar

And I can taste
That honeysuckle and it’s still so sweet
When it grows wild
On the banks down at old camp creek
Yeah, and it calls to me like a warm wind blowing

At times I feel like I am ready to punch something. I hear another comment, or I see certain people’s faces on my computer screen and I wish I could just reach out, close knuckles and punch square in the nose. Just to watch them fall flat on their butt would be a great dose of medicine for my wounds.

I am not one to give up easily. I fight as hard as I can fight when I believe in something. I have ALWAYS believed in Blueland. I put aside nearly everything to write letters, send emails and spread the word. I was always taught, if I put my mind to it…

I don’t buy that at 4:30am “eastern time” there was still no deal made. I don’t buy that it was a tough decision with “no choices”.

I have heard that there were no interested buyers, but, ironically, the only interested buyer in the Coyotes, who are currently owned by the NHL, couldn’t Anny Up to buy that team…ironically though, the NHL pocketed another $25 Mil to keep them around for another year. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Thrashers are being sent to a town who “never should have lost” their team in the first place.

I could go on and on…I used to feel like we were the “red headed step children” now I feel more like the abandoned kids…

Here is a petition gong around to try to get the Board of Governors on our side.

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