What a Weekend!

I witnessed my son’s final Cross Ice session this weekend. Watching the boys whom, at the beginning of Cross Ice, could hardly do a single drill without falling, now, well, still falling, but able to actually shoot the puck even when in mid fall.

The talk is still about what everyone is going to do without the NHL. While the boys learn how to deliver slapshots, the parents discuss possibly moving to another city.

3 yrs ago, we first signed our little man up for Ice Hockey. He was passionate about the sport and loved everything about the ice. But when he was on the ice, he looked around and got scared. Fast forward 3 yrs and here we are, witnessing how my son took the challenge, took his fear, and moved past it. It was an honor to be a part of that.

This weekend also broke news that Winnipeg had indeed sold 13,000 season tickets for the new team. I have spent a lot of time being hopeful and trapped within my dream mind, but I am done with that now. And I think we will all end up ok, in time…

To Winnipeg, you have a great group of guys heading your way and it seems like those in charge really do WANT a hockey team. That is something that Atlanta has never had. And something everyone deserves.

I appreciate the time that I have been allowed to share my love of Atlanta Thrasher hockey. For now, I think it is time to turn things over to the Muddy Waters and let Winnipeg start preparing for it’s first season of NHL hockey in a long time.

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