Ramsay, MacTavish Out

I was planning on doing posts looking at each of the  coaching candidates for the team next year. Now there are two less names for me to consider. Craig Ramsay and Craig MacTavish are both not going to be the coach of the franchise.

Not to come off as too much of a homer right away, but I think TNSE has done pretty much everything right so far. Not wanting to bring Ramsay, the final coach of the Thrashers, seems like a good idea. They apparently want to sever ties with Atlanta and start anew in Winnipeg. As for MacTavish, he made the playoffs in 3 out of his 8 years in Edmonton, losing in the 2006 Cup finals to the Hurricanes. I don’t know much about his coaching style but from Oilers fans I have heard Winnipeg would be better off without him.

This leaves just Claude Noel, who is currently the Moose head coach, and Blackhawks assistant Mike Haviland.

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