Jets Sign Jason Gregoire (UPDATE: No they don't) (UPDATE 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO)

pic via CHN

Finally some closure: Per the official site, Gregoire has signed. Terms not disclosed. Fin.

big time edit: UND’s SID tweeted that the story about him signing with Winnipeg was a mistake. My bad. I’ll leave the post up in case he does end up signing with Winnipeg.

One of the things I want Winnipeg to do, especially in the early years, is sign some of the top college free agents. One such free agent is Jason Gregoire. Gregoire spent three years at the University of North Dakota, about 150 miles from Winnipeg, and also happens to be a Winnipeg native.

Beyond having local ties, Gregoire had a very good amateur career. He was 2nd in the WCHA in goals per game last year and scored 25 goals overall. He had 57 goals in his three years with the Sioux, leading the team in goals in his Sophomore year. But despite being most known for his goal scoring, Gregoire is a complete offensive player and I think has the ability to develop into a responsible two way player. Plus he can play right wing, which Winnipeg is in dire need of.

Originally a third round pick of the Islanders, Gregoire was able to become a UFA because he was unsigned four years after his draft year.

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