Jets UFA Roundup

I had a nice long weekend off without internet access (which sadly corresponded with free agency) so I wasn’t able to see who Winnipeg signed until I got back to civilization. Rather than rehash them all, I figure a quick recap is more prudent, given the lack of a big name signing:

You already know about Derek Meech

(note: the source for all of these is CapGeek)

Mark Stuart

Stuart, a former Thrasher, captained the U.S. team at the World Championships earlier this summer. Amongst Thrasher Dmen who played 50 games, Stuart was 6th in ice time. He didn’t do much offensively and was mid pack in terms of zone starts, starting  just over 50% in the offensive zone. He played against the worst competition on the team (except for Ron Hainsey), though he had a horrible QualTeam as well. His Corsi Rel QoC was the worst on the team among D Men playing 50+ games, at -.280. He will provide good leadership and blah blah blah, but he’s not a very valuable hockey player and shouldn’t have gotten a 3 year deal

Tanner Glass

Glass played for the Western Conference champion Canucks last year, and scored 3 goals in 73 games. He played against the worst competition, but had by far the worst QualTeam amongst Canuck forwards. He also started just 39.1% of his shifts in the offensive zone. Still, he had a poor Corsi and doesn’t have an outstanding skill like drawing penalties.

Randy Jones

Jones played for the Lightning last year, Jones got quite a bit of ice time and managed .88 points per 60 minutes played (though much of that came from secondary assists, so that should be discounted a bit). He played the 2nd most minutes among Lightning dmen on the penalty kill. 5 v 5 he was protected a bit: though his ozone starts were under 50%, it was still second highest on the team. He did finish in the offensive zone quite a bit however. He’s a low price risk, but Jones seems to be a guy who is set up to get a lot of points but the points he does get are of the semi lucky variety.

Rick Rypien

You’ll most likely remember Rypien as the guy who went after a Wild fan, and was rumored to be having some mental health issues last year, which is why he played only 20 games combined between the NHL and AHL. He’s not much of a scorer, while he gets some tough minutes (41% O zone starts in 2009-10) he doesn’t do much with them (worst QualComp and Corsi Rel QoC in 2009-10).

I’m certainly not a fan of the players the Jets signed as UFAs, but they managed to re-sign Andrew Ladd and other than Stuart they didn’t commit a ton of years or dollars to anyone. The strategy in Winnipeg seems to be to dry hump the cap floor for a few years and try to hit on a few high lottery picks. It’s worked before obviously, so hopefully lightning can strike north of the border.

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