What Does Karl Alzner's Signing Mean For Bogosian?

The Washington Capitals just re-signed defenseman Karl Alzner to a 2 year deal worth $2.57 million. Many Caps fans were thinking in the $3 million per year range, so it is odd to see him sign for so low. Naturally, as RFA defensemen who is not eligible for arbitration (and with not a lot of offensive upside), he should be reminding Jets fans of Zach Bogosian. So how do the two compare?

Player TOI (ES/PP/PK) ES P/60 O-zone Start% CorsiRel QualComp (rank) Corsi RelQoC
Alzner 16.55/.37/.08 .49 49.4% 1.2 .059 (1) 1.106 (1)
Bogosian 17.57/.1.93/1.96 .53 47.9% -8.8 .024 (1) .556 (1)


Bogo plays more than Alzner and scores a slight bit more despite getting tougher minutes. Alzner has better Corsi numbers, but gets more protected minutes. They both play tough competition, but I do wonder if it’s a bit easier playing against the other team’s toughest competition when you’re on one of the best teams in the East vs. one of the worst.

Either way, Bogo compares very favorably to Alzner. They’re similar players and while I am sure Bogo and his agent are not happy at the Alzner contract, Jets management and fans should be pleased that we have this as a starting point. Of course, the Jets do need to get to the cap floor (they have a bit under 2 million to go), so if they do get negotiated into paying more for Bogo it will be worth it, both in terms of Bogo being worth it as a player as well as making it comfortably to the cap floor.

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