Graph: Where The 2011 Jets Came From

Now that I am done with my job I should be able to post a little more. Today’s offering is a pie graph of where the 2011 Jets came from, be it the draft, trades or via free agency:

A few notes after the jump:

  • First, I was going to do the 23 man roster, but there ended up being 24 on there because I put all of the 2 way free agent signings on there.
  • 2 of the teams best 3 players, Andrew Ladd and Blake Wheeler, were acquired via trade.
  • The team’s recent draft track record isn’t very good, but Kane, Bogosian and Pavelec are a good foundation. Still, the previous regime left a lot of holes to be filled.
  • The team has gone mostly low budget with free agent signings this year. Probably a good thing as I wouldn’t want to give a middle tier player the type of deal that James Wisinewski got.

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