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Jets Top 10 Away Games

The phenomenal site Illegal Curve took a crack at naming their top 10 away games for the Jets this year, so I thought I would try out a list of my own.

Jets at Predators (March 24th)

the same as IC’s #10 pick, and for much the same reasons: the Predators run their franchise extremely well, and are a good role model for how to run a small market franchise. Plus getting to see Shea Weber and Ryan Suter is never a bad thing.

Jets at Leafs (October 19)

It’s the first away game in Canada for the Jets, and you can bet TSN and CBC will be all over it. There are quite a few Jets fans in Leafs country so it will be interesting to see how much white there is there.

Jets at Canucks (March 8)

The Jets don’t get to host the defending western conference champs, so this is the only chance we’ll have to see them. As IC notes it will be right after a long homestand, so the game takes on an extra level difficulty.

Jets at Islanders (April 5)

The last roadie of the year could be an important one for the Jets fighting for one of the final playoff spots (perhaps against the Islanders?) or it could be a big game in terms of getting better odds at landing the #1 pick in the 2012 draft.

Jets at Penguins (March 20)

The Penguins were the team I adopted while the Jets were away, so this will be an interesting game for me. Hopefully Sidney Crosby is healthy and can play, as while it might be bad for the Jets to go against him it will be good for hockey as a whole.

Jets at Canadiens (January 4)

The Bell Centre is one of the most rocking venues in hockey and it will be fun to see the Jets play in front of that type of crowd. Of course, now that they’re not in Atlanta all of their home games will be in front of that type of crowd as well.

Jets at Flames (March 9)

They’re the closest Canadian team to Winnipeg and they don’t visit the MTS Centre. Nothing more really needs to be said.

Jets at Red Wings (December 13)

I had a brief dalliance with the Avalanche when the Jets left, so naturally I hated the Red Wings. I retained that hatred through my Penguins fandom years and still have it now. Still, Wings fans (at least the ones I know personally) always wanted the Jets to come back and were almost as happy as I was when they did, so it would be nice to go to Joe Louis Arena and thank them in person.

Jets at Wild (February 16)

A lot of Wild fans have jumped ship to the Jets since their return, which could make this game very significant. The 2011 draft as you remember was in St. Paul and Jets fans took that over, so let’s see if they can take over a game at the Xcel Energy Center as well. On a personal level I have many friends who are Wild fans, so some bragging rights are in order.

Jets at Coyotes (October 15)

The Coyotes home opener is against the Jets? Someone at the NHL Scheduling office has a good sense of humor.

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