Jets Top 10 Prospects: #10 Brennan Serville

Quick note: I’ll be counting down the top 10 Jets prospects for the next couple weeks here at HATF in addition to the normal stuff going around here.

Name: Brennan Serville

Position: Defense

Drafted: 2011, 78th overall (Winnipeg)

Serville spent the 2011 season in Soufville of the OJHL. He had 3 goals and 30 assists amd while his counting stats weren’t flashy, his defensive play was good enough  to see him named as the top ranked Jr. A player in Eastern Canada.

Serville was drafted in the 8th round of the OHL draft by Sudbury but broke his collarbone before attending their training camp, so he stuck with the OJHL route to keep his US college options opened. That move paid off when he signed on to be a Michigan Wolverine. Michigan made the national title game last year and appears to be good this year as well, so Serville will benefit from playing with good (and older) players.

Serville’s 33 points came in 36 games, but I don’t think he will be much of an offensive player at the NHL level. He’s 6’3″ but just 180 lbs so he’ll have to build up his strength at Michigan. Despite this, he appears to play a pretty physical game so if he bulks up he can be a pretty good 2nd pair defenseman. I have read some questions about his skating, but I think he has the smarts and the puck skills to overcome that deficiency.

Winnipeg is a pretty bad system, and Serville is the 10th ranked prospect, so let’s not all assume he’ll end up being a Shea Weber type guy, but I have no problem seeing him develop into a decent 2nd pairing defenseman.

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