Analysis of the Kyle Wellwood Signing

Last night the Jets signed free agent forward Kyle Wellwood, who is perhaps best known for being the twitter hashtag #kylewellwoodissofat. But what kind of value will Wellwood bring to the Jets in ways not involving comedy?

Last year Wellwood played just 35 games with the Sharks, but while he was in the lineup he played fairly well. His .65 G/60 was equal to Dany Heatley, though it should be noted he was 12th in QualComp amongst Sharks forwards who played 30+ games. Still, among Sharks forwards with 30+ games, guess who was the team leader in CorsiRel?

That’s right, Kyle Wellwood. At 18.5. Ryan Clowe is 2nd at 13.5.

Now, obviously without context that is far more impressive than looking at his QualComp stuff above and his zone starts (51.3%), but the fact remains that Wellwood was a very useful player for the Sharks.

Lastly, Wellwood drew quite a few penalties last year and barely took any, yet another way he will help the team. Winnipeg is still a lottery team (barring some huge luck) but Wellwood will be a big help up front. Let’s just hope he doesn’t cost the Jets a few draft slots.

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