Jets Top 10 Prospects: #4 Ivan Telegin

Name: Ivan Telegin

Position: Center

DOB: 2/28/92

Drafted: 2010 4th round (101 overall) by Atlanta

Telegin is possibly the best skater in the Jets system, especially when factoring in his size (6’4″, 199 lbs). He has a good if not great first step but potentially elite top end speed, which if nothing else will make him a factor in NHL 12 (comes out tomorrow woo! and beyond). He doesn’t have a good NHL caliber shot yet, but he has good vision on the ice and could develop into an above average passer.

The main drawback with Telegin is inconsistency. Some of it is due to just that’s how hockey is, but some of it certainly is effort related. He actually declined goals wise this year, going from 26 goals to 20 this year. However, as I alluded to with his passing skills, he went from 18 assists to 41. Despite being relatively thin, he plays with an edge (when he wants to) and uses his size effectively.

Telegin has some significant downside that could keep him as a fringe NHLer, but he has the upside to put him probably on the first line. Effort’s not really something that can be taught, but it can be learned and if Telegin learns it he could end up a steal of a draft pick.

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