The Jets are Back! (Kinda): Prospects Beat Sharks 4-0

Last night at 9:30 I opened my laptop and checked out an online feed and saw something I had never seen before: a Winnipeg Jets hockey game. For some reason, it got a little dusty in my apartment and I had a lot of stuff in my eye at roughly the same time. And even though the anthem singer sucked, I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the most beautiful rendition of Oh Canada I have ever heard.

Onto the actual game:

  • Edward Pasquale  had 21 saves for a shutout, and looked entirely in control for the entire game. He’s a big kid but also moves really well and takes away the bottom of the net. I didn’t (or don’t) have him on my Jets top 10 prospects, but I wonder if I should have tossed him onto the back end. If either Pavelec or Mason go down, he probably gets the call.
  • We may indeed have something with Mark Scheifele. He had a nifty backhand goal (shorthanded) and had a great feed to Jason Gregoire for another goal. Beyond that, while he wasn’t the best skater out there I actually didn’t think it was that bad as he looked pretty shifty. He doesn’t have dominant top end speed but I think (and again, this is based on a one game sample) a lot of the concerns about his skating are overblown a bit.
  • I tweeted last night to watch for Zach Redmond, and he made me look smart (first time for everything), looking composed in his own zone and moving the puck tremendously. He’s the oldest player on the roster, so he should look good, but he could end up being quite a steal
  • Jason Gregoire looked very good. He wasn’t the most dynamic guy out there and didn’t have a lot of flashy plays that would make you notice him, but he made a lot of smart plays and settled things down well. With three years of elite college hockey under his belt he should be doing those things, but it’s nice to see that he did them.
  • Fights in prospect games are stupid. Personally I think they’re all stupid, but these ones are really stupid.
  • I wrote up Ivan Telegin yesterday, and he rewarded my faith in putting him 4th, having a very solid game.
  • Julian Melchiori looked really good as well, showing off some nice hands.
  • The two big downsides were Zach Yuen and Brennan Serville, but given that it was the first game of their “pro” careers, I’ll let it slide. I guarantee Serville in particular will get a lot better at Michigan.
  • The bottom line though isn’t that the Jets won or that some players played well. It’s simply that they played. We’re back, Jets fans, and while there will be some dark days ahead on the ice, just remember it could be so much worse.

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