Jets (finally) Sign Bogosian

The rumors were that Zach Bogosian wanted a huge deal, but ended up signing for reasonable terms. ESPN has said he will get a 2 million cap hit this year and 3 next year, which is a pretty stellar deal for Bogo.

Bogosian took only 47% of his shifts starting in the offensive zone, and faced the toughest competition of all Thrasher defensemen last year. Despite this his Corsi numbers weren’t terrible (though they certainly weren’t good). He’s still young, and with the offensive projection thrown on him when he was drafted I still think he has a chance to contribute there. Still, if he stays what he is, a defenseman who can go up against the best the other team has to offer and come out reasonably well, that’s just fine too. With teams throwing around money for their young players and with Winnipeg having a ton of cap room I worried about overpaying Bogo but kudos to Jets brass for getting this deal done at a reasonable number.

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