Somehow, the Jets Should Have Won. Somehow, They Lost Anyways

Speaking of somehows, the Jets limited New York to just 17 shots on goal, and outshot them 28 to 17, including (in my estimation) outplaying them on even strength. They had legitimate chances to tie it late with a couple of flurries at the net, but it just didn’t go home. It’s disappointing they didn’t get at least a point, but the effort and performance was encouraging.

I noted before the season that Chris Mason would probably regress a bit and have a bounce back season, and it looks like that is starting to happen. The save percentage won’t look as good because the Rangers had only 17 SOG, but they had quite a few good scoring opportunities where Mason made some big saves. Good (and perhaps surprising) to see.

I would love to see Dustin Byfuglien back at forward because he is awful defensively. Or else for him to learn when you should and shouldn’t pinch. Yikes.

Bryan Little played well. I sense I won’t have to copy that into my clipboard because I won’t be typing it much.

Blake Wheeler, on the other hand…..yikes. He has played at least decently early in the season, but tonight was a disaster.

Lastly, the Burmi/Antropov/Kane line is effing phenomenal. They look like a line to get excited about for the future. More importantly, we need to decide on a nickname. Ben aka Bettman’s Nightmare from Arctice Ice Hockey says it should be AK 47 which makes no sense, whereas I think it should be BAK in the USSR because 1. it at least mentions all three members 2. Beatles song and 3. two of the members of the line are from former USSR countries. Go vote in that poll and make the correct choice.

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