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Home Sweet Home

The popular phrase “Home is where the heart is” will now be put to test.  The Winnipeg Jets set a new franchise record in December.  They posted a record that any team would like to see for a month.  10-3-1.  Now we will see what they can do as they embark on a month in which they will start off on a 4 game road trip.  Only 4 games will be played at the MTS Centre for the month of January.  The Jets started off the month of December in 13th place.  By the end of the month they had climbed into 7th place in the Eastern Conference.

The Jets will face off against the Habs, Leafs, Sabres, and Bruins before returning home to play San Jose.  The Jets road record currently sits at 5-8-4 for the season.  Winnipeg’s 5 wins on the road makes them the second lowest team in the Eastern Conference for road wins.

If Winnipeg wants to stay in the playoff race, they will have to find a way to win outside of their home arena.  Other teams that they will visit include the Devils, Rangers, Hurricanes, Ottawa, and Philly.  This month will be crucial for the Jets.  If you ask me, they need to at least have a .500 record for this month to stay in the hunt.  They will play quite a few teams that occupy the top spots in the Eastern Conference.

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