Beantown Preview

The Winnipeg Jets have to take advantage of their opportunity to chalk up 2 points tonight.  I am a realistic person.  On paper, the Boston Bruins look like a much better team, even watching their games I could make the judgement that the Bruins are the superior team.  Winnipeg does have a shot at winning tonight’s game however.  Here’s how.

  1. The Bruins are still in an argument with their last opponent.  The Vancouver Canucks.  All week long there has been jabs at each other.  Dirty player here, dirty player there, he hit me, and so on and so forth.
  2. Brad Marchand is suspended.  This means that Tyler Seguin will have to step his game up while Marchand serves his suspension.  The Jets have to take advantage of this.  Seguin plays horrible against Winnipeg.  He has not recorded a point in his last 5 games against the Jets.
  3. Pavelec the Padlock has to step his game up tonight.  Pavelec has put up horrible numbers against Boston.  He is 0-4-0 with a staggering 4.68 GA average in his last 5 starts in the Beantown.
  4. The return of Dustin Byfuglien to the lineup is possible for tonight’s game.  Byfuglien plays well against Boston.  He has racked up 10 points in his last 7 games against the Bruins.
  5. Physicality.  Boston has the big boys.  Winnipeg cannot play timid.  The tempo has to be upbeat.  Winning in Boston tonight would definitely boost momentum heading back to Winnipeg for a two game home stand.
Like I said before this roadie of a month started.  Winnipeg has to go at least .500 this month.  If they can make it out of B-Town with a W, they are in good shape.  Follow me on Twitter at Southerndraw81.  Fly High!

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