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The Winnipeg Jets's And A Hypothetical Future

The Winnipeg Jets and our hypothetical world, what would standing pat and not pulling the trigger on a big trade mean down the road for the Jets?  Yes, it’s a big if and it’s not how Kevin Cheveldayoff is managing this team, but…

This team is stuck at .500 and has been since they moved to Winnipeg from Atlanta. A lot of people want Kevin Cheveldayoff to make some blockbuster trade to make this a playoff team. I see a lot of improvement on this team and they have shown signs of greatness but find themselves in this darn tough Central division, not the best division to be in when you’re trying to rebuild a team. You look worse than you really are.

Against their former division the Jets have a great record and would be in the hunt for a playoff spot right now, but such as it is they have to play against some top teams in their own division which on paper looks like this team hasn’t improved very much.

I’m watching the World Junior Championship and looking at what this 16 year old Connor McDavid is doing against competition of 18 year old and 19 year olds is very impressive. His draft year isn’t until 2015 and what if Winnipeg has a stock pile of players and draft picks for that draft and they have a bad year next year and they are able to pick say 7th or 8th?

What if they can trade up to select Connor McDavid? How would a player like that look in a Jets uniform? Yes, we don’t want the Jets to fail miserably every year, but there are some strong players available in the next couple of drafts which can give your team stability for the next 10-15 years. I want the Jets to win as bad as the next guy, but because the drafts are so good the next 2 years, it’s not the worst thing that can happen if they drop down in the draft. Only a thought.

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