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The Winnipeg Jets And Our New Friend Jeff O'Neill

Jeff O’Neill sure opened up a can of worms when he mentioned no wants to go to Winnipeg and play for the Winnipeg Jets. That could be true during the 80’s but it’s far from the truth today.

Winnipeg has the most sunshine out of any city in Canada, but the sun doesn’t do much when it’s minus 40 out. Our summers are fantastic, some of the hottest weather in Canada, but we do have mosquitoes, although as long as we don’t get a ton of rain in the spring, they have it pretty much under control during the summer months in Winnipeg anyway.
I could go on and on about the lakes, the hiking, fishing etc. but what I hear is there is nothing to do in Winnipeg. Are you kidding me? If you can’t find anything to do in this city you’re not looking hard enough. We have baseball, football, hockey, theater, ballet, comedy festivals, Fringe festival, Folklorama, plays, Celebrations, concerts, festivals around Manitoba, the most restaurants per capita in Canada, skiing, lounges and bars, cross country skiing, ice skating parks, outdoor skating at the Forks on the river and a skate path too, skateboard parks (one that Tony Hawk said was the best in the world), Grand Beach one of the top ten beaches in the world voted by Playboy. Our parks are the best anywhere; the Assiniboine Zoo is one of the best in Canada.

We have the best looking women anywhere; just ask Seann William Scott when he was filming Goon here a couple of years ago. I’m not sure about the best looking guys, but its cold in the winter here; they’re usually working out to keep warm.

Gone are the days of no one wants to go to Winnipeg. This place is the fastest growing city in Canada right now, lots of jobs, the housing market is insane, just try to rent a place or buy a home without getting involved in a bidding war.

We have a great film industry with projects in development all over the place. Contrary to what Jeff O’Neill said who wouldn’t want to go to Winnipeg? If you decide on a place to live based on weather, then we have one of the best summers in Canada, sure for 4 or 5 months our weather is cold, but would you rather play hockey in front of 15,000 loud cheering fans every night? Or crowd announcements of 12,000 people when you can plainly see skating around the ice, that there are only 4,000 people in the stands. You tell me.

Charles Adler from CJOB made our city his retirement city. He’s worked all over North America and when he was here in the early 80’s for 9 months, he said this is where he wants to retire and he’s been back since 1997 still going strong.

Sure Winnipeg has it’s bad points just like any place, like having to shovel snow, but overall the people are just like the license plates say, Friendly Manitoba. Many say they should live in BC because of the nice weather, but quite honestly I would take shoveling snow IF it snows than mowing my lawn every week until Christmas.
I think if you’re a hockey player and you want to play in an intense winning hungry city, then I wouldn’t want to go anyplace else. You’ll be treated like royalty if you can lift a Stanley Cup over your head some day and once this Jets team starts making playoffs regularly anything can happen. If you’re a hockey player worth your salt, you’d go play anywhere if you think you can win the Stanley Cup, yes even Winnipeg.

If this thinking is still going on with players in the NHL, maybe some of the NHL players who think it’s such a bad place should ask Alexander Steen’s dad Thomas Steen what he thinks of Winnipeg, he still lives here. How about Teemu Selanne? Ask Anders Hedberg and Ulf Nilsson what they remember about Winnipeg when they won the Avco Cup? Ask Bobby Hull what he thinks of Winnipeg? Ask Brett Hull what he thinks of Winnipeg, he grew up here. Ask Dale Hawerchuk what he thinks of Winnipeg, he lived here year round when he played. How about the best two-way player in the NHL, Jonathan Toews, ask what he thinks of Winnipeg when he comes home after each season.

I think if it’s good enough for Hall of Fame players like Hawerchuk, Hull and future Hall of Fame player Jonathan Toews to live here, it’s good enough for anyone, and yes, that includes you Mr. O’Neill. I thought you were pretty good on TSN until that crack, coming from someone who has never lived here. I never played in the NHL and you did make it, so congratulations on that and not getting traded to Winnipeg during your career. But, if we would have had a team here in 2004 and you got traded to us the year before your Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup (no hockey in 2004-2005 because of a lockout), we’d still accept your career minus 115 in 12 seasons with open arms. I think I just figured out why you never got invited to play for Team Canada.

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