The Winnipeg Jets Have A Shot At The Playoffs

Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets had another impressive win over what Gary Lawless calls a playoff team, the Vancouver Canucks. Lawless also went on to say the Jets are not a playoff team. Well, you could have fooled me. The Canucks looked lost and disinterested at times last night and the Jets looked like a team with poise and confidence.

I know Gary Lawless would have many excuses for the Canucks. They don’t have their coach, Henrik Sedin didn’t play and neither did Kevin Bieksa and Roberto Luongo was the backup. But, and I’ve heard him say this many times, good teams find a way to win. You’re right Gary; a good team did find a way to win even though Eddie Lack was unbelievable in goal making point blank saves on Mark Schiefele twice, Michael Frolik and Dustin Byfuglien.

The Jets were also without Evander Kane whose line with Frolik and Scheifele were dominating games.
I did agree with Lawless about Claude Noel’s firing. I didn’t think that was the problem but Paul Maurice has come in here and rattled off a 7 and 2 record. I would have to say I was wrong because the Jets are now 6 points back of a playoff spot, very reachable. I would agree with Mark Johnson that the Jets’ percentage of making the playoffs is somewhere around 30% or higher especially with the way they’re playing.

For a team where rumours are flying sometimes that these guys don’t want to play in Winnipeg, or no one wants to play here, they sure are playing like a team that wants to be here. With a team 4 games under .500 9 games ago, they could have easily folded the tent and cruised to the end of the season, collected their pay cheques and looked for trades, but they haven’t done that. They have been very impressive the last few games and maybe they see what I see, an up and coming team with a legitimate threat to make the playoffs and make some noise in playoffs.

I see a team similar to the Los Angeles Kings a couple of years ago, barely sneaked into the playoffs and went on to win the Stanley Cup. If anyone predicted the Kings would win the cup that year, you should have placed a bet. All a team has to do is make the playoffs in this day and age because anyone can beat anyone on any given night. Only 3 wins behind is not a mountain, it’s more of a large hill, uphill and difficult to bike up it, but not impossible.

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