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Hi there, I’m Marc Cloutier new writer for Hockey at the Forks. I am excited and honored to be bringing the latest stories about the Winnipeg Jets to you. My love for the Jets started when I was very young. I was lucky enough to get the chance to see the Jets at the old arena. My memories may be vague, but when I hear the opening notes to Van Halen’s Jump, I start to feel a little nostalgic every now and then.

Growing up I have played almost every sport there is to be played. In the cold winters I was always the goalie and in the summer I played soccer. Ultimately my biggest moment in sports would be when I ruined my teams chance at a first place medal. It was late in the game and I was the only defender back for my team. While I was standing in the penalty area, a player from the other team kicked the soccer ball at my face and I had no choice but to put my hands up. Hand ball was called, the other team kicked the penalty kick and won the game. I was a little embarrassed to say the least, but I did not take it as seriously as some of my teammates who were emotional.

My other passion in life has been music. From the young age of four years old I was put in piano classes. When I got older and was in elementary I was put on the Alto Saxophone but I still hand’t found my niche. I had always fooled around with my dad’s guitar until I got my own left handed acoustic in gr.9 (2000). I’ve played the guitar ever since, it’s my favorite hobby and has maybe helped keep me sane at times.

I hope you take the time to stumble upon my blog and read it because I will deliver a different spin to every story. By being able to poke fun of myself and use humor, I can make sports stories more interesting. I wont shy away from an opinion and I love to use puns. I cant wait for the NHL to resume after the Olympics, let’s see what our  Jets can do.

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