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Hello to the readers of hockeyattheforks.com,

My name is Evan Matthews and I am the newest addition to the hockeyattheforks.com writing staff. I’m a Winnipeger – born and raised. Sports have always been a main focus throughout my life. Naturally, getting the chance to write about my home town team is a dream come true. If playing pro sports isn’t an option (believe me, it isn’t), then I need to combine sports with a sufficient alternative. Which is why I’ve decided to write. Communicating with people is a passion of mine. I’ve been given the opportunity to have thousands of readers view and critique my work and my opinions. It truly is an honor and a privilege.

I played throughout the Winnipeg Minor Hockey System, playing for over ten years. I reached a level of AAAA Hockey, representing my high school hockey team – the John Taylor Collegiate Pipers. I pursued NCAA options with positive feedback. The opportunity however did not end up coming to fruition. One of the best things about sports is that the numbers don’t lie. Over the course of an 82 game season– stats trend and teams place where they do in the standings for a reason. I let the numbers of the game dictate my opinions. That helps lead to solid foundations, and opinions that are often difficult to argue.

That all said, because I’ve been around the game since I was a young boy I have a very unique perspective. I understand the strategic side of the game as well as the positional aspects. I’m able to convey the intricacies of the game that the numbers can not convey. For example, watching SidneyCrosby’s 2014 Olympic performance – the amount of video evidence displaying Crosby play a structurally sound and defensively responsible game is overwhelming. He did exactly what was asked of him. However from a statistical standpoint (excluding +/-), one would assume he had a very quiet and lack lustre tournament. This was simply not the case.

Congratulations to Team Canada on our Olympic Gold,you’ve made us proud. That said, I’m excited that the Olympic Break has come to an end. NHL Hockey has resumed with the lowly Sabres downing the ‘Canes.The Jets are at a crucial point in their season. Starting Thursday – this is when it really matters. For the Jets the playoffs have already started.

I look forward to sharing the news and media hype around the Winnipeg Jets with our readers. Follow me on Twitter @evandmatthews. We the fans of Winnipeg – deserve to see a long-awaited NHL Playoff Series in downtown Winnipeg. Go Jets Go!


Evan Matthews

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