Calder Cup Final Preview: Interview With The Opponent

The St. John’s Ice Caps are set to take on the Texas Stars for the AHL’s Calder Cup starting on Sunday, and the hype for both the Dallas Stars and the Winnipeg Jets is increasing with each passing day. Before things got started, we sat down with Josh Clark, Editor at, and shared our thoughts on the upcoming series.


HaTF: The Stars were able to score (and often, especially in Game Seven) against Drew MacIntyre on the Marlies, what will they have to keep doing to find that success against Hutchinson?

BD: Keep surging the puck into the zone. 49 shots on Macintyre was beautiful, and a similar performance against Hutchinson would be helpful.


HaTF: On a relatively young team such as yours, how will you combat the playoff experience that the Ice Caps have? 

BD: Stay focused. Act like every game is Game 7 against Toronto. Also have the NHL experienced players on the team help lead and give advice. That will prove worthy in the long run.
HaTF: Do you think NHL experience pays off in situations like these?
BD: Definitely. The Stars currently have 2 players that played with Dallas in the postseason. If they can use that leadership, it will really help to have experienced players that played with the big boys.
HaTF: The Ice Caps have a very offensive blue-line. How important is it that your forwards play a two-way game?
BD: They will definitely need to watch the blue line. Nilstorp is good and has NHL experience, but you can’t take that risk. Get in front of pucks and sacrifice the body if you have to, but keep Nilstorp as protected as possible.
HaTF: Who will be your most important player in the series?
BD: Travis Morin. He’s a dedicated player to the organization and plays the two-way game very well. He also leads the Stars in points and will need to continue to do that.
HaTF: What is your prediction for the series?
BD: Probably won’t agree but Stars in 6. It’ll be a great series though.
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